Free 3-Step Home Valuation Audit

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We’ll get together for 20 minutes at your home, and I will conduct the Free 3-Step Home Valuation Audit.

This is a Free Service, and there is absolutely no obligation on your part, to do anything after this. No hassles, and absolutely no cheesy “sales pitch” or anything like that.

If we wind up working together, great. And if we don’t wind up working together… that’s totally fine, also. 

You can expect 3 things from the outcome of this 3-Step Home Valuation Audit:

1. A Recommended Listing Price (RLP) for your home…

2. Preliminary suggestions on the kinds of improvements you might want to consider making, which would add value and either support or increase your home’s listing price…

3. A list of local properties that are similar to yours – along with what they recently sold for. This way, you can get some sense of what the market is like…

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